SMS Overview

Analyze performance by seeing how many messages delivered or failed by country.

On your account Dashboard, Go to SMS -> Overview



In this section, you can check the status of your sent SMS for the same day.

In the right, under the Summary you can check:

  • Total send SMS for this day.
  • How many Pending SMS.
  • How many Delivered SMS.
  • How many Failed SMS.
  • How much this sent SMS cost you


World's map

In the middle you can see a world’s map, this will show you the countries that you sent the SMS to in green color, and how many SMS for each country in the section below the map

The failed SMS will cost you just like the Delivered SMS or Pending SMS, the reasons behind the failed SMS are many and it’s mostly from your customer's side, 
(Here you can read more about this, Why Are My Text Messages Not Being Delivered?), 
our job to send the SMS to your customers and we will do it perfectly!


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