Integrate floppy service with third-party application

Floppy Third-Party Integration Services helps you to integrate the data with third-party applications.

We can also consume an extensive amount of data from broad and multiple ranges of third-party sources.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced technologists having advanced levels of certifications across leading platforms, we offer expert solutions to all our clients.

Floppysend’s Third-Party Integration Services Includes the following

In today’s competitive scenario, the latest web and mobile applications need to work with and integrate its data from a variety of different application platforms and data sources. Floppy Third-Party Integration Services will help you in this by offering the best and up-to-the-mark services!

  • Demand-side platform
  • Online SaaS applications
  • Social media API’s
  • Google API’s
  • SMS gateway integration
  • Travel API’s
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Facebook applications

Why Third-Party Integration?

  1. Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry: There are no patches distributed to multiple end-users. All the necessary updates are applied to the web servers.
  2. Automates The Business Process: Keeps your data safe and secure in a centralized location on the webserver of a company.
  3. Business Intelligence: The application will work and run on any device regardless of the platform and operating system.
  4. Extends The Functionality Of Your Software: The application can be easily accessed from anywhere using the internet-enabled device.

What makes Floppy Third-Party Integration Services the best?

  • Consulting on Third-Party Integration: We help enterprises and businesses to understand how Floppy Third-Party Integration Services can help them in optimizing the overall workflow and process of the operations.
  • Use Of Latest And Advanced Technologies: We merge complex and complicated technologies with proven processes to reduce redundancy, overlaps, and gaps that exist in any organization.
  • Fluid Interconnectivity: We facilitate backend systems integration to allow seamless interconnectivity across a wide range of multiple platforms.
  • Cloud-Based Integration: Our professional and skilled developers build highly scalable cloud-based third-party integration to match your business needs and wants.


Floppysend offers third-party integration solutions that will seamlessly integrate with your entire operation infrastructure.

By using Floppy Third-Party Integration Services, you can easily change the whole structure of your application in a positive way by simplifying the way they interact with each other.


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