Third Party Integration Services

Integrate floppy service with third-party application

Floppy Third-Party Integration Services helps you to integrate the data with third-party applications.

We can also consume an extensive amount of data from broad and multiple ranges of third-party sources.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced technologists having advanced levels of certifications across leading platforms, we offer expert solutions to all our clients.

Floppysend’s Third-Party Integration Services Includes the following

In today’s competitive scenario, the latest web and mobile applications need to work with and integrate its data from a variety of different application platforms and data sources. Floppy Third-Party Integration Services will help you in this by offering the best and up-to-the-mark services!

  • Demand-side platform
  • Online SaaS applications
  • Social media API’s
  • Google API’s
  • SMS gateway integration
  • Travel API’s
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Facebook applications

Why Third-Party Integration?

  1. Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry: There are no patches distributed to multiple end-users. All the necessary updates are applied to the web servers.
  2. Automates The Business Process: Keeps your data safe and secure in a centralized location on the webserver of a company.
  3. Business Intelligence: The application will work and run on any device regardless of the platform and operating system.
  4. Extends The Functionality Of Your Software: The application can be easily accessed from anywhere using the internet-enabled device.

What makes Floppy Third-Party Integration Services the best?

  • Consulting on Third-Party Integration: We help enterprises and businesses to understand how Floppy Third-Party Integration Services can help them in optimizing the overall workflow and process of the operations.
  • Use Of Latest And Advanced Technologies: We merge complex and complicated technologies with proven processes to reduce redundancy, overlaps, and gaps that exist in any organization.
  • Fluid Interconnectivity: We facilitate backend systems integration to allow seamless interconnectivity across a wide range of multiple platforms.
  • Cloud-Based Integration: Our professional and skilled developers build highly scalable cloud-based third-party integration to match your business needs and wants.


Floppysend offers third-party integration solutions that will seamlessly integrate with your entire operation infrastructure.

By using Floppy Third-Party Integration Services, you can easily change the whole structure of your application in a positive way by simplifying the way they interact with each other.


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Subscribers Management

With Floppy Subscribers Management Tool, we take care of 

  • Updating and augmenting: Updating and augmenting your database incorporating additional data fields in your mailing list such as business category, industry, region and areas, job title, etc.
  • Maintaining the database: Maintaining the database list by managing invalid ids, opt-outs, unsubscribe requests, bounce-back emails, etc.
  • Evaluation and reporting: Evaluation and reporting of email campaign performance in co-occurrence with response tracking or response tracing.

Managing data and maintaining its quality is an equally tough job

Join your hands with the Floppy Subscribers Management tool to not only manage and grow your business subscribers list but also to convert them into high-return revenue sources.

We at Floppysend can help you in building and crafting a new subscriber list from scratch or by cleaning and verifying the records that you already have.


Floppy Subscribers Management Tool Will Help In:

  1. Cleaning your lists of bad data
  2. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your Floppy Email Marketing campaigns
  3. Maintaining the quality, up to date, correctness, and relevancy of data
  4. Keeping your contacts and email subscribers well-arrayed
  5. Targeting your customers with custom messages, clearly categorizing your business subscriber list into segments


FloppySends tool management involves

  • Email Address Validation: Floppy Subscribers list management service provides complete email verification and a step-by-step validation check for each email address on your list. All this validation happens in real-time. With email validation, you won't waste money and time on email addresses that are not active.
  • Subscribers List Segmentation: Floppy Subscribers Management service enables the powerful ability to segment your subscriber list into smaller segments in order to send highly targeted emails and right messages to the right audience. Segmentation of the subscriber's list can be done on the basis of demographics, size, content downloads, and many more factors.
  • Email Subscriber Management: Floppysend subscriber Management service gives you the assistance of dedicated account managers and experts who can assist you and help you in navigating the challenges of subscriber's list management. Our experts use effective tools to detect and trace potential issues before they affect the deliverability of your email marketing campaign.

With Floppy Subscriber Management Service, you will get:

  1. Technical API support from experts and professionals
  2. Expert guidance on delivery issues and challenges along with regular and one to one assistance
  3. Proactive monitoring of your email campaigns


Floppy Subscribers Management Tool will surely help you optimally manage your subscriber's
list to boost up your revenue. To learn more about our subscriber's management services, get in touch with us.


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Email Marketing Templates & Themes

Send Your Perfect Email To Your Growing Audience

In the end, it’s all about making each and every customer feel important and special.

Thus, enhance your email program with a human touch.

Personalize your email on the basis of your contact’s properties, from how it appears in your recipient’s mailbox to the content they’d read.

Floppysend comes with stunning, free email templates and themes that drive results.

Get started with your first responsive email now with exclusive Floppy Email Templates

  • Browse 100+ Templates: Access more than 100+ pre-designed email templates with the essential plan.
  • Customize your Templates: You can easily edit the template by dragging and dropping the content of your choice to make the Floppy Email template your own.
  • Always Look Like A Pro: With responsive and beautiful Floppy Email Templates, get ready to create perfect Floppy Email Marketing Campaigns that match your brand.


Why Floppy Email Themes & Templates? 

  • Professional Look: With access to our pre-build email marketing and email newsletters templates, you’re free to invest time crafting content that drives connection.

          -  A growing library of Floppy email designs.

          -  Tailor with your brand logo, colors, and much more.

          -  Stop rebuilding email marketing layouts each time you send.

  • Drives Engagement: Explore new use cases to instigate and grow your email campaign, with email marketing templates that are proven to drive results.

            Browse templates across a wide range of industries.

          -  Pre-build templates and themes to save time.

         In-built CTAs to boost engagement.

  • Fully Customizable to Match Your Brand: Whether you’re creating from scratch or utilizing one of our pre-build designs, any aspect can be customized to reflect your brand.

          -  A handy design editor to edit visually.

          -  A powerful code editor to gain control over every pixel

          Save customized versions of themes and templates

  • Responsive to Look Stunning from Desktop to Mobile: Before sending out your email program, you require a responsive email template. Free email templates and themes in our library have been tried and tested to make certain that they look stunning on any device.

          -  Send messages that appear perfect whenever they’re opened and read.

          A hassle-free way to modify the content with no need to break structural code.

          -  Offer a world-in-class experience for your email recipients

Create Emails That Can Change Your Game

Use email marketing services that offer a complete suite of tools to enhance your email marketing. Floppy email marketing templates and themes can take some of the hassles out of creating high-performing email programs.

Services from Zurb, MailChimp, and others often leave email marketing designers wishing that they had more tools and resources as part of their email marketing automation solution.

However, by pairing the utilization of free email templates with industry-leading services from Floppysend, you’re certain to create emails that drive actual results.


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Email Automation & Verification

Floppy Email Automation is more than just a bulk email sender!

A fully scalable, flexible, and secure email automation platform, powering and building your organization to outperform and exceed.

  • Build Beautiful, Responsive Emails with Zero Code: Floppy Email allows you to choose from a wide variety of existing templates or designs of your choice with a zero code email builder.
  • Powerful A/B Testing for Best Results Every Time: Use Floppy Email Automation for powerful A/B testing of any part of your Floppy Email, be it Email design, subject line, or send time. Achieve the best and premium results with your perfect Email every single time.
  • Campaign Management with Automations: Our Floppy Email Automation helps you to set up post Floppy Email Sign Up Actions. From sharing the case study to delivering the webinar details right into their inbox, build mini Floppy Email Marketing Campaigns that go far beyond simple email sending...

Why Choose Floppy Email Automation?

  1. Connect At Scale: Floppy Email Automation allows you to build meaningful relationships. With Automation services, you can create customized experiences, invite conversations, and tell stories in a perfect way that is relevant and scalable. With Floppy Email Automation
    -  Follow up with leads who reach out with the content
    Look after attendees ahead of an upcoming event
    Create a warm welcome email with premium onboarding series
  2. Get Started With Automation: With Floppy Email, Automation is within reach. Use automation triggers that you already have in place to set up customized Floppy email marketing automation in time. With Floppy Email Automation:
    Create single recurring emails with no more duplicating
    Enter contacts quickly by skipping complex integrations
    Automate time-based drip series
  3. Track And Improve: With Floppy Email, getting better has never been this more accessible. You can easily check out the aggregate performance of your automation campaigns, individual email statistics, and content, all in one place. With Floppy Email Automation:
    Trace the reach of your automation campaign over time
    Easily update content and subject line in real-time
    Identify which Email acts the best
  4. Better Delivery Rates: With Floppy Email Verification, more messages are delivered to real contacts. Use our real-time API option to detect and suppress invalid and inactive email addresses. With a clean list of subscribers, you will be able to reduce your bounce rate and perform better to improve deliverability. Floppy Email Validation Offers:
    Mailbox provider friendly tactics and Machine learning
    Real-time email address verification API
    Ability to discover inactive, disposable, nonexistent, and mistyped email addresses
  5. Minimize Funnel Leaks: With Floppy Email Verification, you don’t lose leads to typos. Connect the Floppysend real-time API to lead capture forms in order to catch the false entries straight away. Instantly ask the visitor to resubmit with the provided correction therein. With Floppy Email Verification:
    Avoid losing contacts because of accidental email address typos
    Guarantee recipients get the mails they expect and want from you
    Remove additional and supplementary fields like email address confirmation
  6. White Hat Senders Only: With Floppy email verification, you will always stay in the excellent sender category. Our API’s at Floppysend does not use the broken SMTP-handshake, which strives to verify an email address by connecting and linking to the mailbox providers until the response is received and then breaking the connection or link. Floppy Email Verification:
    Maintains the trust of mailbox providers
    Do not use the broken SMTP handshakes
    Avoid spammer-affiliated tactics which are used by other vendors


Wondering about what makes us the best?

  • Abuse Email List Checker: Our Floppy Email list verifier can identify and spot out the emails that have a background of marking emails as inappropriate or spam, thus improving the quality of your email list.
  • Disposable Email Checker: Our Email verification software identifies the temporary email addresses that are used to mask the real email addresses. Floppy Email Verification executes and runs a thorough email list cleaning to wipe them out.
  • Email Verification API: Our Email Verification API allows and lets you to verify email addresses instantly and rapidly on your platform. You can easily and quickly check the validity of the emails in any language like .NET, PYTHON, JAVA, etc.
  • Catch-All Email Checker: Our Email Verification tool checks for domains that are identified as catch-all domains. Catch-All domains are the domains that return valid for all emails. Each email address verification brings you closer to better email quality.
  • Spam Trap Checker: Our Email Verification tool identifies the spam traps that might be available in your email address lists. It is very essential to remove the spam trap for better email quality.


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Advanced Reporting & Email Statistics

Get Deeper Insights with Floppy Advanced Reporting

Use Floppy’s advanced email marketing reporting system to obtain all the info you can about your email marketing campaigns.

To maximize the effectiveness of your email programs, following up on the email newsletters and campaigns you send out is a must.

Floppy’s advanced email marketing reporting system gathers all the relevant info about your campaign and shows the info using the easy-to-comprehend form.

The Significance of Advanced Reporting

  1. Often, we find our customers witness our emails contrarily than we do. We prefer the email marketing templates we deem will be best to catch the customer’s attention. We then double or even triple-check the campaign’s content to ensure everything is done exactly as we desire. Sometimes, things don’t work as we anticipate.
  2. In order to enhance, we must evaluate our success rates with efficiency and extreme precision. That’s when advanced reporting comes into the picture. Advanced email marketing reporting enables us to figure out the success rate of our email campaign.


Send Your Perfect Email To Your Growing Audience

  • The count of sent email newsletters and the error rate during sending.
  • The count and percentage of emails opened – opening rate.
  • Comprehend where your customers are opening your emails and enhance their experience in the future.
  • Clicking percentage – CTR (click-through rate).
  • Percentage of email unsubscribes
  • The count of complaints of any type about the email newsletter or program. The count and percentage of emails opened – opening rate.
  • Compare multiple email programs and lists.
  • Geographic reporting to determine where in the world your send emails are being opened and read.


Floppy Email marketing platform gathers all of this information into a single, easy-to-understand report. Leverage this information to create successful email programs.

Each subscriber is unique and responds contrarily to changes in your marketing approach. With Floppy's advanced reporting system, you can obtain a specific customer’s data and witness how that specific customer responded to your email program.

Take advantage of this info to predict what the average customer will do or to offer more focused email programs in the future.


See the Bigger Picture with Floppy Advanced Reporting

  • All KPIs in Single Place: All marketers' favorite type of reporting – all the KPIs you have to keep track of, in one view, readily accessible to act on.
  • Best Performers: See which email programs are adding the most to your bottom line and which drives the best engagement.

With Floppy Email Statistics, you can now gain clarity on your internal email analytics

  • Data To Guide You: How you can make a wise decision when you no clue what’s really working and what isn’t at all? With Floppy Email Statistics, you can easily detect what is working and what is not. Back all your email strategy with the statistics that really matter for a successful marketing campaign.
    -  Get to know in detail about your contacts with audience insight
    -  Protect a path to the inbox with deliverability
    -  Learn what resonates the most with engagement data
  • No Email Blind Spots: Isn’t, it amazing to have just one view of all emails you send? With Floppy Email Statistics, you can quickly get one view of all the emails you send. Get accessible insights about both transactional email and marketing email for a complete 360-degree understanding of your target audience’s experience. With Floppy Email Statistics:
    -  Get access to ongoing statistics for recurring automation
    -  Gain visibility into transactional email analytics
    -  Gain visibility to actionable data for one-time email campaigns


Gain clarity on your email campaign analytics with Floppy Email Statistics. Turn your visitors into customers now!

We are the leading Email Statistics Platform that allows you to get an email analytics report in real-time.


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