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Use our easy-to-use SMS API in order to seamlessly integrate text messaging with your already existing business applications and systems.

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You can truly pick with us!! Floppysend facilitates a wide range of SMS APIs.


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Take your business apps and websites to the next level with powerfully Floppy SMS Gateway API features.

  1. Send Texts: Send a single or thousands of text messages, any app can do it with our API.
  2. Receive Replies: Get inbound SMS as an individual API command or let replies be posed to your app.
  3. Callback URLs: Post text message responses and delivery notifications directly to your app.
  4. Check Account: Access your account to validate your balance and ensure that you have sufficient credit left for your next campaign.
  5. Unicode SMS: Send text messages using Arabic, Greek, or Asian character sets or incorporate special characters.
  6. Long Messages: Up to 765 characters can be sent in a single message – extremely handy when you have to incorporate more details.
  7. Advance Schedule: Schedule text messages to be sent later/to reoccur after a particular time frame without any hassle.
  8. Delivery Status: Review the delivery status for every text message that you have sent and make certain of the delivery of your text messages.

Build, Manage & Analyze with Floppy Portal

Our Web SMS Platform can help you at every step.

So, you won’t have to worry about reaching your customers.

The platform enables every business to function properly. On top of all, the portal enables sending and receiving messages using a computer/any other device.

  • Straightforward Management ease from a single place.
  • Sign Up with Us Is Easy Too: Analyze and assess your campaign on Floppy Portal.
  • Complete Outlook: Gain a complete perspective of your interaction with the customers.


Our Differences:

You just send text messages and leave the rest on our shoulders.

  1. Global Coverage: Deliver your SMS to more than 200 nations and regions.
  2. Smart Routing: Automatically redirect messages to make certain top-speed and ultimate route delivery of your text messages.
  3. Priority Handling: Our Floppy SMS Gateway differentiates between SMS notifications and bulk SMS, where notifications have a higher priority while sending.


SMS APIs Tailored for Developers

Code in your preferred programming language and allow your app to engage with the world. Floppy offers you complete documentation for the seamless connection of your app to our platform.


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Avail of the Best OTP SMS Service with Floppysend

OTP service is extensively used by banks, e-commerce portals, websites, and other organizations.

Typically, every business that stored financial info about their client needs to use the additional security system.

Thus, we comprehend the significance of keeping your client’s data and info secure and confidential.

What is OTP SMS?

One Time Password or OTP SMS is essentially an innovative security mechanism where a single-use password is generated and sent to registered users to help them quickly access what they want.

By implementing OTP to allow your users access to your website, security is greatly enhanced by reducing the chance of phishing or online theft.

Plus, OTP uses a two-factor SMS automation protocol to secure the digital identity of end-users further.


How does the OTP SMS work?

  1. Enter your login details into the platform
  2. The server generates a specific token code and passes it to the mobile number connected to the account.
  3. Users enter token codes and access the platform to eliminate any risk of a violation of information.


Sectors That Rely on OTP SMS

  • Banking Sector: Increase customer relationships. Notify them that you are taking care of their orders, reservations, and appointments. Include a discount code and enjoy your return in your SMS notification.
  • Shipping Companies: Shipping firms use OTP. Shipping companies use the OTP SMS API to collect shipping charges along with the shipping orders that are successfully created.
  • E-Commerce Platforms: E-Commerce sites also use OTP SMS to ensure that order payments are received successfully. The OTP is sent directly to the customer numbers to provide a safe transaction.
  • Web Portals: Web portals use OTP SMS to ensure their users are authenticated. The OTP is sent directly to the user's phone numbers to ensure that the data entered by the user is genuine.
  • Mobile Wallets: Mobile wallets have become very popular nowadays. The wallets use OTP text SMS messages for two purposes. First, OTP is used to validate the information provided by users when making accounts. Second, mobile wallets use OTP to accept funds or to carry out transactions.
  • Online Transport Industry: The online transport industry commonly uses OTP. When a customer has booked a ride from their cell phone, an OTP SMS is sent to the customer that they need to show to the driver to prevent any problems.


Advantages of Using OTP SMS Service with FloppySend

  • Securing Payment Transaction: Using Floppy OTP SMS to secure payment or confirming transactions allows real-time communications and can significantly reduce costly fraud resolution. Requiring authentication of users via one-time password (OTP) via SMS is so effective at reducing suspicious activity.
  • Secure multiple devices to one account: You can use the Bulk OTP service to confirm when you want to secure multiple devices into one account. So this helps to ensure that all the devices are secure and linked to one account you choose. The security of your device and account can also be increased by this.
  • Block Spammers and Bots similar to Captcha Forms: A CAPTCHA is a type of automated challenge-response test used to determine whether the user is a human and not a bot. The OTP SMS service can work the same way. Through Floppy OTP SMS you can declare whether the user who is trying to access the account is a human or a computer.


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Broaden Up Your Contact List

What is HLR Lookup?

Home Location Register (HLR) is a mechanism that enables a mobile network subscriber to switch within the country to another operator's network while retaining their mobile number.
As Number Portability becomes more widespread across the world, and as more numbers are ported with time, the traffic routing complexity to the right network becomes a significant challenge for service providers: hubs, aggregators, MNOs, signal providers, banks, and financial institutions.
In this situation, the service provider will mistakenly route the traffic without knowing or understanding the identity of the subscriber's ported number and will thus face excessive operating expenses. Floppysend HLR Lookup service helps service providers to identify the subscriber number's network affiliation and correctly route the messages, lowering delivery costs, and taking less time to deliver the message.

The Working of HLR Lookup

  1. The number lookup service boasts queries on numerous numbers/on a single number in the sort of batch.
  2. After the country code is checked, Floppy Bulk SMS Online platform selects the optimal lookup route.
  3. n a fraction of a second, the system analyses the number.
  4. After completing the lookup, it identifies the status and the response for the number.
  5. Get the results of the query through a reporting action mechanism.

Key Benefits of HLR Lookup

  • Highly Appropriate Numbers: Use the HLR lookup service to verify whether or not your clients are available to you. So, you also get rid of delivery errors, invalid numbers, and the costs associated with them.
  • Stay Guarded: You will protect your customer from fraudulent and other unlawful activities by using the HLR search service. Most significantly, it can access the current location of the caller and guard you in no time.
  • Service Level Improvements: Eliminate interconnection delays, prevent unnecessary business assistance, boost delivery services, and maximize customer service directly, rather than through multiple intermediaries.
  • Reduce Termination Costs: Directly routing communications to a termination operator instead of through intermediaries increases margins.

Advantages of Using OTP SMS Service with FloppySend

One API: Our API gives you access to a centralized database of billions of subscribers used by SMS aggregators, MNOs, VoIP carriers, OTT businesses, businesses, etc.

Routing efficiency: Use accurate routing to boost revenue margins, delivery success rates, and ported number routing efficiency.

Coverage worldwide: Get complete access to HLR Databases from different countries across the globe. The databases are updated every few hours, depending on the region.


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Number Validation

It All Commenced with A Validating Your Contact Numbers Database

Ensure that the mobile phone numbers you garner are accurate, consistent, and active across all channels.

Keeping a valid and updated contact number database is no longer a trouble thanks to Floppysend Number Validation for your business.

Make sure that your communications are transmitted effectively and efficiently.

Take benefit of it and perform quick checks on the collected landline and mobile number.

Floppysend Number Validation Is Best For:

  1. Financial: Validating a number in no time is hassle-free and all thanks go to the Number Validation provided by Floppy SMS service. In the financial sector, accuracy and service speed is essential. In reality, if sensitive information is transmitted, the validation of a customer number must be a safe procedure without problems.
  2. Travel: It is necessary for any business in the travel sector to have a database of valid contact numbers. Use Floppy bulk SMS validation to purify your list of numbers and create more business through your goal contact strategy. Promote your newest destinations, deals, and discounts
  3. E-Commerce: It is almost always a crucial step in the registration process to type your phone number in an online form. Floppysend number validation reduces the possibility of incorrect numbers being stored. Check your list of numbers instantly to make sure your company connects to the right client.


How Floppy SMS Notifications Can Benefit Your Business?

Simple & Secure API: Floppy number verification can be quick to set up with an easy-to-integrate URL structure, provided in a lightweight format, and protected by HTTPS encryption.

Advanced Usage Statistics: Easily monitor any part of your Number Verification process with comprehensive reports, either daily or monthly.

Global Number Validation: You can automatically access relevant information such as country code, telecom operator, mobile, or fixed sort in your database with Number Validation.

Advanced Tools: Get advanced validation of the telephone number with the new international numbers as well as carrier and line type identification mechanisms.

Gain with FloppySend

  • Strong security: Enhance the protection of your processes and defend your company from fraud. Ask your customers to include a phone number and conduct the appropriate tests to verify it immediately.
  • Optimize communication expenditure: Floppysend distinguishes between smartphone and landline numbers. Send SMS messages to the appropriate line form and save valuable time and money.
  • Clean database: Validate your phone numbers regularly in your client database to eliminate distribution errors by targeting the correct numbers only.
  • The Right Channel: Explore the network operators that your clients belong to and improve online bulk SMS routing in all your communications.
  • Enhance business performance: Identify the correct line form and access telephone or landline numbers accordingly, ensure compliance, and minimize the risks associated with telemarketing infringements.\


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