It All Commenced with A Validating Your Contact Numbers Database

Ensure that the mobile phone numbers you garner are accurate, consistent, and active across all channels.

Keeping a valid and updated contact number database is no longer a trouble thanks to Floppysend Number Validation for your business.

Make sure that your communications are transmitted effectively and efficiently.

Take benefit of it and perform quick checks on the collected landline and mobile number.

Floppysend Number Validation Is Best For:

  1. Financial: Validating a number in no time is hassle-free and all thanks go to the Number Validation provided by Floppy SMS service. In the financial sector, accuracy and service speed is essential. In reality, if sensitive information is transmitted, the validation of a customer number must be a safe procedure without problems.
  2. Travel: It is necessary for any business in the travel sector to have a database of valid contact numbers. Use Floppy bulk SMS validation to purify your list of numbers and create more business through your goal contact strategy. Promote your newest destinations, deals, and discounts
  3. E-Commerce: It is almost always a crucial step in the registration process to type your phone number in an online form. Floppysend number validation reduces the possibility of incorrect numbers being stored. Check your list of numbers instantly to make sure your company connects to the right client.


How Floppy SMS Notifications Can Benefit Your Business?

Simple & Secure API: Floppy number verification can be quick to set up with an easy-to-integrate URL structure, provided in a lightweight format, and protected by HTTPS encryption.

Advanced Usage Statistics: Easily monitor any part of your Number Verification process with comprehensive reports, either daily or monthly.

Global Number Validation: You can automatically access relevant information such as country code, telecom operator, mobile, or fixed sort in your database with Number Validation.

Advanced Tools: Get advanced validation of the telephone number with the new international numbers as well as carrier and line type identification mechanisms.

Gain with FloppySend

  • Strong security: Enhance the protection of your processes and defend your company from fraud. Ask your customers to include a phone number and conduct the appropriate tests to verify it immediately.
  • Optimize communication expenditure: Floppysend distinguishes between smartphone and landline numbers. Send SMS messages to the appropriate line form and save valuable time and money.
  • Clean database: Validate your phone numbers regularly in your client database to eliminate distribution errors by targeting the correct numbers only.
  • The Right Channel: Explore the network operators that your clients belong to and improve online bulk SMS routing in all your communications.
  • Enhance business performance: Identify the correct line form and access telephone or landline numbers accordingly, ensure compliance, and minimize the risks associated with telemarketing infringements.\


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