What is HLR Lookup?

Home Location Register (HLR) is a mechanism that enables a mobile network subscriber to switch within the country to another operator's network while retaining their mobile number.
As Number Portability becomes more widespread across the world, and as more numbers are ported with time, the traffic routing complexity to the right network becomes a significant challenge for service providers: hubs, aggregators, MNOs, signal providers, banks, and financial institutions.
In this situation, the service provider will mistakenly route the traffic without knowing or understanding the identity of the subscriber's ported number and will thus face excessive operating expenses. Floppysend HLR Lookup service helps service providers to identify the subscriber number's network affiliation and correctly route the messages, lowering delivery costs, and taking less time to deliver the message.

The Working of HLR Lookup

  1. The number lookup service boasts queries on numerous numbers/on a single number in the sort of batch.
  2. After the country code is checked, Floppy Bulk SMS Online platform selects the optimal lookup route.
  3. n a fraction of a second, the system analyses the number.
  4. After completing the lookup, it identifies the status and the response for the number.
  5. Get the results of the query through a reporting action mechanism.

Key Benefits of HLR Lookup

  • Highly Appropriate Numbers: Use the HLR lookup service to verify whether or not your clients are available to you. So, you also get rid of delivery errors, invalid numbers, and the costs associated with them.
  • Stay Guarded: You will protect your customer from fraudulent and other unlawful activities by using the HLR search service. Most significantly, it can access the current location of the caller and guard you in no time.
  • Service Level Improvements: Eliminate interconnection delays, prevent unnecessary business assistance, boost delivery services, and maximize customer service directly, rather than through multiple intermediaries.
  • Reduce Termination Costs: Directly routing communications to a termination operator instead of through intermediaries increases margins.

Advantages of Using OTP SMS Service with FloppySend

One API: Our API gives you access to a centralized database of billions of subscribers used by SMS aggregators, MNOs, VoIP carriers, OTT businesses, businesses, etc.

Routing efficiency: Use accurate routing to boost revenue margins, delivery success rates, and ported number routing efficiency.

Coverage worldwide: Get complete access to HLR Databases from different countries across the globe. The databases are updated every few hours, depending on the region.


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