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Thrive Your Business Through Marketing with Messaging

Floppysend is a platform for all your Bulk SMS needs.

We indulge in various forms of business transactions through the mode of online messaging and SMS.

Marketing through messaging is the ongoing trend for startups, small, medium, and large businesses.

Even organizations have come up with messaging as their route to customer satisfaction and the conduction of the company.

Messaging provides customers of a specific business with a personal touch which other platforms won't necessarily offer. Text marketing and sales enable growth and loyalty from customers and provide an increase in redemption.

You might feel like Bulk SMS marketing isn't the deal for you.

Before you have thought of the same thing, many businesses and companies changed their minds when this process of Bulk SMS was introduced to their business modes. A lot of text messages are opened upon receiving immediately. People respond in a very positive manner to text messaging and the entire process of sending out individual or bulk SMS.

Our messaging schemes are flawless, impactful, and user-friendly.

Because of the fantastic rapport that has messaging has built with people, it's straightforward for businesses to segue into this path.

Our messaging services do not require any extra charges, which makes us unique in this economic climate. The most crucial point being made here is that our services will help you in achieving exemplary records.

The basic structure of messaging works well within the industrial boundaries of contacts.

You need to pick industries for which we'll provide information regarding the marketing strategy that will be used.

We'll provide you with campaign examples and reviews from customers, which will help you navigate your own business strategy.

The Benefits of Using the Messaging System:

  1. Improvised Security: Messaging enables a security route that can be followed only by the sender and receiver; hence security breaches aren't something that takes place on the messaging platform, primarily bulk SMS.
  2. Reduction of Data Theft: Businesses and industries have time and again been targeted for their data and information. This problem doubles itself when two sectors are in contact. There's a lot on the line in such cases. Messaging follows a two-party protocol and helps in keeping the privacy of data intact.
  3. User account security and privacy: Sometimes businesses wish to keep their identity hidden. In such cases, the information won't be let out if they use Floppysend for their services. We ensure complete security for our customers.
  4. User-friendly nature: Our messaging platform is amicable for all kinds of users and enables diversity in our clients' experience of contacting customers.
  5. Global delivery of messages: We provide complete delivery of Floppysend SMS services all over the world


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SMS Notification

Make Customers Happy with Floppysend SMS Notifications

Your customers matter the most to you.

Send them SMS notifications about their upcoming appointments and orders and make them happier.

What Is SMS Notification?

SMS Notification is a powerful means of how to communicate and engage your customers.

It is one of the most imperative marketing tactics that help you drive customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of SMS notifications to update your customers about upcoming bookings, appointments, and orders. Provide valuable info with a discount code and make them reach you.

Go with the right approach and utilize Floppy SMS notifications for your business success.

How Floppy SMS Notifications Can Benefit Your Business?

Enable your employees, customers, and communities to read, remember, and drive outcomes by sending convenient and easy messages.

  • Utilities: SMS is a fast and secure way to notify customers and the public. Send SMS on scheduled disruptions of service and unforeseen service outranges.
  • Government: To send workers, the general public, and the media time-critical notifications. This will enhance public safety during crises, boost issue awareness, and much more.
  • Education: Maintain the community of your parents - students updated with SMS notifications for upcoming events, class allocations, and course admissions. Send messages for student engagement and class absences.
  • Healthcare: Use SMS notifications to remind customers about upcoming appointments and instructions for pre-appointment. Advise staff about emergencies on-site and supplementary staff needs.

Benefits of FloppySMS Notifications:

  1. Cost & time saving: Every SMS notification saves time and money. Automated updates are sent automatically without you having to write them individually. Furthermore, your customers already know what's going on and need not contact support.
  2. Increased satisfaction & loyalty: Increase customer relationships. Notify them that you are taking care of their orders, reservations, and appointments. Include a discount code and enjoy your return in your SMS notification.
  3. High open-rate: Contact your customers with one of the most powerful marketing methods. SMS notifications have an amazing open rate impact of up to 98%, which means your audience is going to read your message.
  4. SMS notification is reliable: Like e-mails, SMS notifications do not have to battle spam or filters to ensure 100% distribution to active mobile devices. A text message is, therefore, direct communication without barriers to your client. Nothing is more exciting for a client than to get his hands on the purchase, and every SMS order notification, which he delivers, helps to keep the excitement up.


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International SMS

Global Bulk SMS Solution for Your Global Business

International messaging is the best means of communication since it is reliable, instant, and fast.

Whether it is overseas clients, customers, or employees, you can receive uninterrupted correspondence from entities that matter.

Even when you do not have internet access, Floppysend SMS services will help you send texts in the fastest and most reliable manner.

We have a user-friendly and robust mobile application that is as easy to use as breathing.

You can target any community and connect with millions at just the click of a button. Impactful, engaging, and interactive, our services range over various gamuts and unleash indefinite potential.

Floppy international SMS services are trustworthy and can get you to any phone screen irrespective of its location in the world.

Why use International SMS?

International messaging is famous for various reasons. T

o begin with, it is affordable. Also, messaging reflects the most reliable channel of communication with overseas customers and clients.

You can successfully iron out the details of any contract over messaging. Moreover, Floppy international SMS provides greater delivery confidence.

Messages can generate better customer engagement and response if you are considering targeting specific demographics overseas. With international messages, you can single out customers just about anywhere, and the feat can be easily accomplished.

Furthermore, Floppy international SMS can prove to be advantageous under the following circumstances:

  • Travel delay
  • Cancellation notifications
  • Marketing messages
  • Billing notifications
  • International reminders


Benefits of FloppySMS Notifications

With Floppy's free SMS service, you can bypass the physical boundaries to reach anywhere.

Using our web messaging, you can send and receive international texts right through your browser.

With our extensive services, you can create messages, formulate schedules, and generate reports while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Our bulk SMS API can help you automate business processes and communications with a comprehensive range of SDKs.

Our company provides complete language support, secure FTP, SMPP, and third-party applications.

We also provide alpha tag services for companies who want to launch their marketing campaigns abroad.

Although one-way messaging, some dedicated numbers may offer you the option for two-way texts.

Incorporating such features can enable you to avail of accessible and affordable communications with an international clientele.

In addition to this, our company also provides the following services to entrepreneurs:

  1. Customer Service Call-Backs
  2. Appointment Booking or Rescheduling
  3. Automated Opt-out
  4. Sign Up with Us Is Easy Too


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Transactional SMS

Stay Connected with Your Customers Through Transactional SMS

Would you like to send Bulk SMS to your clients and leads?

Are you looking for an affordable price structure for SMS and straightforward policies?

Your search comes to an end.

Take advantage of the approach customers to engage with your business by using the Floppy Transactional SMS service.

What Is Transactional SMS?

Businesses use the Transactional SMS service to send important updates about their product or service to customers. For example, updates regarding the order invoice number, OTP, delivery status, return or refund rate, delivery message, etc. are sent to customers via transactional SMS.

To put it clearly, companies who want to send non-promotional messages to both their DND and non-DND numbers 24/7 use a transactional route provided.

At this point, a transactional SMS service differs here, where promotional messages cannot transcend a DND environment, but the former can.

With a transactional SMS, a business can send SMS to the receiver without their permission.

What is the Use of Transactional SMS?

More than just updates or alerts, transactional SMS help create a secure channel of communication between companies and their customers.

A customer who receives daily reminders about an essential delivery is a customer who uses your services to feel appreciated and relaxed.

Keeping customers informed and engaged via SMS can help establish a direct link between brand and consumer, improve customer experience, and build loyalty, thereby driving sales.

  • One-time password
  • Billing transaction
  • Payment reminder
  • Delivery/Service status
  • Event information


Why Floppysend Is The Best Transactional SMS Service Provider?

Floppysend is a leading provider of bulk SMS service providers that offer 100% instant messaging with high-quality service and

deliverability. Floppysend is the best transactional SMS service provider, and some of its unique features are as follows:

  1. Lowest Price: We have an affordable platform, as opposed to other bulk SMS service providers. Our primary concern is for consumers to benefit from our services as much as possible and to achieve satisfaction. Our services are accessible and budget-friendly. We deliver affordable, bulk SMS transactions service.
  2. Provide transactional SMS API: API refers to the Application Programming Interface. If you have a wide database of users or customers, and you have to send SMS messages to each of them. The best way to do this is to automate it with an API. You don't need to manually send messages to each of your clients via the API. The messages are sent through the Floppy SMS gateway automatically. When communicating with a broader audience, it is the most common way to send SMS.
  3. Easy Interface: Our interface is straightforward and easy to work with. For every user, the dashboard is user-friendly and personalized. You will not find any complicated structure in Floppysend that is filled with loads of details. We have an interface that is simple to use.
  4. Transparency: We believe in the full transparency we have. You will not find any unethical practices such as producing false Floppy SMS files, deceptive practices, etc. We produce real-time, authentic reports. On consistency, we never compromise. Our mission is to make it convenient, affordable, and straightforward for the messaging industry.


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