Global Bulk SMS Solution for Your Global Business

International messaging is the best means of communication since it is reliable, instant, and fast.

Whether it is overseas clients, customers, or employees, you can receive uninterrupted correspondence from entities that matter.

Even when you do not have internet access, Floppysend SMS services will help you send texts in the fastest and most reliable manner.

We have a user-friendly and robust mobile application that is as easy to use as breathing.

You can target any community and connect with millions at just the click of a button. Impactful, engaging, and interactive, our services range over various gamuts and unleash indefinite potential.

Floppy international SMS services are trustworthy and can get you to any phone screen irrespective of its location in the world.

Why use International SMS?

International messaging is famous for various reasons. T

o begin with, it is affordable. Also, messaging reflects the most reliable channel of communication with overseas customers and clients.

You can successfully iron out the details of any contract over messaging. Moreover, Floppy international SMS provides greater delivery confidence.

Messages can generate better customer engagement and response if you are considering targeting specific demographics overseas. With international messages, you can single out customers just about anywhere, and the feat can be easily accomplished.

Furthermore, Floppy international SMS can prove to be advantageous under the following circumstances:

  • Travel delay
  • Cancellation notifications
  • Marketing messages
  • Billing notifications
  • International reminders


Benefits of FloppySMS Notifications

With Floppy's free SMS service, you can bypass the physical boundaries to reach anywhere.

Using our web messaging, you can send and receive international texts right through your browser.

With our extensive services, you can create messages, formulate schedules, and generate reports while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Our bulk SMS API can help you automate business processes and communications with a comprehensive range of SDKs.

Our company provides complete language support, secure FTP, SMPP, and third-party applications.

We also provide alpha tag services for companies who want to launch their marketing campaigns abroad.

Although one-way messaging, some dedicated numbers may offer you the option for two-way texts.

Incorporating such features can enable you to avail of accessible and affordable communications with an international clientele.

In addition to this, our company also provides the following services to entrepreneurs:

  1. Customer Service Call-Backs
  2. Appointment Booking or Rescheduling
  3. Automated Opt-out
  4. Sign Up with Us Is Easy Too


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