Make Customers Happy with Floppysend SMS Notifications

Your customers matter the most to you.

Send them SMS notifications about their upcoming appointments and orders and make them happier.

What Is SMS Notification?

SMS Notification is a powerful means of how to communicate and engage your customers.

It is one of the most imperative marketing tactics that help you drive customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of SMS notifications to update your customers about upcoming bookings, appointments, and orders. Provide valuable info with a discount code and make them reach you.

Go with the right approach and utilize Floppy SMS notifications for your business success.

How Floppy SMS Notifications Can Benefit Your Business?

Enable your employees, customers, and communities to read, remember, and drive outcomes by sending convenient and easy messages.

  • Utilities: SMS is a fast and secure way to notify customers and the public. Send SMS on scheduled disruptions of service and unforeseen service outranges.
  • Government: To send workers, the general public, and the media time-critical notifications. This will enhance public safety during crises, boost issue awareness, and much more.
  • Education: Maintain the community of your parents - students updated with SMS notifications for upcoming events, class allocations, and course admissions. Send messages for student engagement and class absences.
  • Healthcare: Use SMS notifications to remind customers about upcoming appointments and instructions for pre-appointment. Advise staff about emergencies on-site and supplementary staff needs.

Benefits of FloppySMS Notifications:

  1. Cost & time saving: Every SMS notification saves time and money. Automated updates are sent automatically without you having to write them individually. Furthermore, your customers already know what's going on and need not contact support.
  2. Increased satisfaction & loyalty: Increase customer relationships. Notify them that you are taking care of their orders, reservations, and appointments. Include a discount code and enjoy your return in your SMS notification.
  3. High open-rate: Contact your customers with one of the most powerful marketing methods. SMS notifications have an amazing open rate impact of up to 98%, which means your audience is going to read your message.
  4. SMS notification is reliable: Like e-mails, SMS notifications do not have to battle spam or filters to ensure 100% distribution to active mobile devices. A text message is, therefore, direct communication without barriers to your client. Nothing is more exciting for a client than to get his hands on the purchase, and every SMS order notification, which he delivers, helps to keep the excitement up.


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