SMS Reseller SolutionYou Seek!

Through Floppy SMS Reseller Solution, we strive to offer our clients an opportunity for reselling SMS credits to their clients for business and individual purposes. Our Bulk SMS Reseller platform entails not only SMS service but even short code and long code service.

All Options to Meet Your Customer’s Needs!

At Floppysend, we strive to offer two different routes in order to fulfill your customer’s budget and demand. With an extreme capacity of one thousand MS/sec sending millions of text messages can be done in time.

  • Critical Route – Transactional & Promotional

Send important notifications and timely promotional SMS and ensure quicker SMS delivery. Multiple retry approach which re-tries multiple times for up to three hours if the user isn’t reachable or turned off at the moment you send a message. Additionally, every message you sent on the Critical route is guarded with 100 percent Delivery assurance on active members with ten seconds delivery SLA assurance for Floppy Transactional SMS

  • Standard - Transactional & Promotional

Routes handy for bulk programs larger than one lakh. We strive to offer a bulk SMS service to resellers at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality.


Are You Already an SMS Reseller?

No worries!! We’ll match or enhance at any price.

We provide the most feature-rich, reliable, and fast bulk SMS service at quite a reasonable cost. We leverage quality and fast connections to cell phone networks to ensure the quickest deliverability of your message

Why Should You Choose Floppy SMS Reseller Program?

Boost your business revenue by simply becoming an SMS reseller. Whether you’re utilizing a rebranded platform or integration with an application, being an SMS reseller is an easy way to boost revenue and add value to your client base.

  • Bulk SMS Service Provider: Floppysend is the industry’s leader in bulk SMS solutions. We provide a fully-featured business platform and support for integration with numerous apps.
  • Instant Account Configuration: You can get started with your SMS reseller account in no time and no technical knowledge is required.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: Our technical support team will help you if any hassle you encountered at no extra cost.
  • Great Business Results: Floppysend has high conversation rates. Most trail accounts here switch to paid accounts and the majority of first-time clients consider continuing using our services.
  • Affordability: We ensure affordable reseller rates along with proper support. There’d be no hidden fees, just the 100% transparency you seek.
  • Integrate with SMS: Want to add SMS capability to your own application? No worries!! Your customers can purchase and send SMS directly from your app or tool using our robust and powerful APIs.
  • Extensive API Documentation: We demonstrate all the traits and abilities of our SMS APIs in very comprehensive documentation guides.


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